Bc 56

Site Description:

Located 0.5 miles (782.4 m.) east-northeast of Casas Rinconada, this small house site sits along the rincon cliff wall on the south side of the canyon.  In 1941 Paul Reiter and University of New Mexico field school students uncovered approximately nine rooms and one kiva.  Student notes record viga holes and petroglyphs in the cliff wall behind the site.

Other designations for this site include 29SJ753, LA40753, (also Bc 78-83).

Excavation History

  • 1941: Excavated by Paul Reiter and the University of New Mexico/School of 
    American Research field schools.

Size and Dates

  • Approximately nine rooms and one kiva
  • Construction dates from the late 11th through the mid-12th century (McKenna and Truell 1986: 298).