Kin Nahasbas

Site Description:

A great kiva and associated roomblock located about 550 feet (168 m.) north-northwest of the Una Vida great house and about three miles (4.8 km) southeast of Pueblo Bonito.  Like Casa Rinconada, the great kiva is elevated above the canyon floor on a sandstone ridge.  Although sometimes described as an isolated great kiva similar to Casa Rinconada, this ceremonial structure is associated with two small room blocks with approximately 25 masonry rooms and four small kivas.  The Kin Nahasbas great kiva was remodeled at least two times, and was about 51 feet (15.5 m.) in diameter in its final form.  Most of the architectural features typical of great kivas are present, including seating pits for the roof supports, floor vualts, a central fire box, and an antechamber on the north side (Vivian and Hilpert 2002).  Linford (2000) reports the site name is Navajo for “circular house.”

Alternative site designations are 29SJ392, LA 152, and Bc 249.

Excavation History

  • 1935: Excavated by Dorothy Luhrs and the University of New Mexico/School of American Research field school.

Size and Dates

  • Approximately 25 rooms, four kivas, and one great kiva.