Lizard House

Site Description:

Lizard House is a small structure built against a cliff face about 1 mile (1.6 km.) east of Pueblo Bonito on the north side of the canyon.  The site consists of approximately 17 rooms and three kivas, including some McElmo features.  Lizard House appears to have been constructed in two stages, the first of which is dated to the early-12th century by a single tree-ring date.  The National Park Service conducted a salvage excavation at Lizard house in 1960.

Alternative site designations include 29SJ1912, Bc 192, and Bc 193.

Excavation History

  • 1960: Excavated by James Maxon and William Bromberg of the National Park Service.

Size and Dates

  • Approximately 17 rooms with three kivas.
  • Tree-Ring Dates indicate construction began in early 1100s.  The ceramic types support this date.