Tsin Kletsin

Site Description:

Tsin Kletsin is a small great house located on South Mesa two miles (3.2 km.) south of Pueblo Bonito.  The site consisted of approximately 80 rooms and three kivas (two of which were elevated).  Architecturally, it is considered a transitional site as it juxtaposes a traditional D-shaped layout with McElmo-style veneer.  The site contained both an arced plaza to the south and a rectangular enclosure to the north.  Construction has been dated to the early 12th century based on the masonry style and tree-ring dates. The site has not been excavated.

In addition, Tsin Kletsin (Navajo for “black wood place” or “charcoal place”) included several indications of links to other great houses in the canyon.  At least two roads enter the site from the north and were linked across the canyon to Pueblo Alto.   The site also provides lines of sight to six great houses in the canyon and is aligned with both Casa Rinconada and Pueblo Alto along a N-S line. There is also evidence of water control features to the east of the structure.

Alternate site designations include 29SJ385 and LA 40385.

Excavation History

  • Unexcavated

Size and Dates

  • Approximately 80 rooms and three kivas (two of which are elevated).
  • Tree-ring dates indicate construction in the early-12th century.